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To make Life easier we have designed a variety of PA Hire Packages which suit some of the more
common applications. These will act as a guide to help you when hiring a system from AUDIOCREW.
For accurate selection of the best PA to suit your needs, free no obligation advice is availible.
Please get in touchand try to give us as much information as possible (size of room, audience,
application etc..) to ensure you get the right kit for the job. Click the appropriate button below to
download a detailed pdf.DRY HIRE
You don't have to stick to the packages listed. CLICK HERE to download our dry hire price
Can't find what you're looking for? give us a call....Audiocrew affilite with other leading PA companies,
as well as staging and events management companies, so we can help cater for all your needs.Ethos
Here at audiocrew we deliver the goods every time. To achieve this we only use top of the range,
industry standard equipment and ensure all of our crew are well trained and experienced.
We are constantly updating and improving our service working closely with clients to respond
to their needs and recieving up to date training to guarentee that we can offer the best possible service to you.Gig packages Festivals Theatre Dry Hire Conferencing DJ Packages.